Shakiba was born in Iran, in a strict and oppressive environment.  She witnessed war between Iran and Iraq when she was a child and that experience influenced her yearning for freedom throughout her life.  When she was a teenager she discovered art and poetry through her two aunts, one a writer and the other a painter.  Being able to express herself through 2 mediums was a magical and liberating experience.  After receiving a Silver Medal in the Shankar International Childrens Art Competition she decided to pursue art more seriously.

  In 1998 she migrated to the United States and shortly after attended Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD) and received her Bachelor of Fine Art in 2004.  Shakiba has exhibited in various galleries such as Houshang Gallery in Santa Fe, Rive Gauche in Scottsdale, and Virga Gallery in Laguna Beach.  She has been published in American Art Collectors and Studio Visit and received awards such as the Gold Prize in the Peace Project Competition, a traveling show in Los Angeles and New York in 2014.

  Shakiba's favorite subject matter is birds, the symbol of peace and freedom.  Whether she is writing a poem or painting a picture she is always in search of a moment in which she can tune into a vortex of creation where magic happens.  A moment where art loses boundaries and a painting turns into a scene with poetic sensibilities and a poem turns into a colorful image painted with words.  A sensational moment when you can become one with the universe where there is only love, serenity and light.

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